Some of the best advice I’ve ever received: Spend as much time as you can with the kind of people you want to be like 5 years from now. The entire Wilson family (most specifically, Kelly) has been that for me. I met the Wilsons back in October 2011, shortly after Daniel and I got married. Dan served with Kelly at church, and she mentioned that she needed help watching her boys during the day while she worked. Later that week, I met the Wilsons and began watching the boys 3-4 days during the week. Who would have thought that my relationship with them would grow into the friendship that it is today.
The Wilsons have greatly impacted Daniel and me over the past 4-1/2 years of knowing them. We’ve learned a lot from them, we’ve laughed with them, and we’ve loved being able to spend a lot of time with their boys. The Wilsons are the reason we started doing CrossFit in the first place. They too would tell you that their life has been impacted by CrossFit and CFEC. Families like them make CFEC what it is. Kelly coaches on Monday mornings, and she leads our CrossFit Kids program – “KidFit.” KidFit takes place at our gym on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It averages 20+ kids on these days. The coolest thing about KidFit is the families it has brought in to our gym that maybe wouldn’t have stuck with CrossFit or CFEC if it weren’t for their kids loving it. Kelly leads the way in teaching kids functional movements, like the squat and deadlift, just to name a couple of movements. Jason is one of the strongest guys in our gym. I’m always trying to beat him. He won’t admit it, but he loves working out to Lil Jon & DJ Snake’s 2014 hit “Turn Down for What” And even more importantly, he goes out of his way to speak to anyone and everyone at the gym. All three of the Wilson boys are a part of KidFit. They love it. (Even Isaiah. Don’t let him fool you. His 6th Bday party was a CrossFit party at the gym). Oh, and watch out world, Branson just signed up to do his first competition this July. At age 4, Gray is the youngest in KidFit, but he can out hustle all of the other kids. He’s pretty good at “Kick the Can,” and he can now better run in a straight line.






The Wilsons are some of our best friends, and Daniel and I have been beneficiaries of their generosity too many times to count.If you know them, you too have most likely been impacted by their generosity.


Besides coaching, Kelly Homeschools the boys (ages 8, 6, & 4). She knows she’s called to it, and she’s done an amazing job following through in that calling – especially on the really hard days. But she’s really quick to tell you that it’s 100% worth it. On top of that, she is Jason’s wife, and his #1 support as he leads our church and the several hundred staff there. She’s the busiest person I know, but she still takes the time to pour into me. I run things by Kelly all the time. She’s given me great advice and all, but I learn the most by just hanging out with her and watching her be a great, but very real and raw, wife and a mom.


Jason is a leader. You won’t find a more humble guy that will go out of his way to serve others no matter what. I’ve had the opportunity to see him lead our church, but more importantly, I’ve been able to see first hand how great of a husband and father he is. That’s a leader that I’d follow anywhere- He’s not one that just pretends to be a leader on instagram or twitter(ha, he doesn’t even tweet), but he actually lives out at home what everyone else sees during the work day. That’ll preach life changing sermons. He’s fought for me and looked out for my best interest in ways that I probably don’t even know. I’m most thankful for Jason for allowing me to hang out with his wife at their breakfast table every week after they get home from their date- sometimes pretty late into the night. I’m sure deep down, he resents me for that, but getting to watch the boys and then hang with Kelly is one of my favorite times of the week, so, thanks Jason!


I like to tell everyone that Branson is my 8 year old best friend. He’s the kid that I honestly could bring with me anywhere, and he would be cool – like he doesn’t get on my nerves like you’d think an 8 year old kid would. He’s a good kid. Period. He’s generous. He has a huge heart. (Ok, I’m totally tearing up right now). I have so many favorite memories with Brans, but #1 has to be at the Gauntlet in 2012. The Wilsons let me tag along that year to help watch the boys while Jason and Kelly led a Campus Pastor retreat that same week. One night while J and K were at the Gauntlet night session, I got to lead Branson to Christ. Right there in Daytona Beach, FL, he asked Jesus to come into his little 4 year old heart. I’m so thankful for that. I get really excited thinking about the cool things he’s going to get to be a part of in his lifetime. He’s a leader, for sure. All 8 years of him.


Isaiah – Sweet, charming Isaiah. He gets me with those blue eyes of his. He’s brilliant – really. He’s 6, but I already see him doing something really smart in life, like being a lawyer or a weatherman. His favorite place to eat is by far Waffle House. One of my favorite things about Isaiah is how he loves to help me cook and bake. Branson and Gray could care less, but Isaiah always pulls up a chair and helps. While Brans and Gray are always comin’ at me, trying to knock me down, Isaiah usually wants to read a book. I’m thankful for that. I can’t hang with all that wrestling for too long. If you know even a little about the Wilson’s story, you know that Isaiah 100% completes their family.


Your life isn’t complete if you don’t know ^ this guy ^. I’m not ashamed to say that Gray Wilson is one of my favorite humans. I keep reassuring myself that even as he gets older, he’ll still always hold my hand and sit in my lap when we watch movies. The kid will win your heart over. And he is tough as nails. He hustles really hard, and he can hang with his big brothers. The best thing about Gray though is his humor – and his cheeks. But for real, the things he comes up with to make me laugh. Raise your hand if you think Kelly needs to write a book of “Gray-isms!” Gray was a whoppin’ 4 months old when I started hanging out with the boys. You wouldn’t believe it from the looks of him now, but he was so little! -And I was terrified. I dropped him on his head once, but we both survived.

Obviously this post has nothing to do with nutrition or fitness. But the purpose of this whole blog is to help people be better in life. One way to get better is to learn from great people. Spend time with people you want to be like. Be intentional about it. If you don’t have kids, offer to hang with their kids – for free. That’s an easy way to make a difference in their life as well. Daniel and I are forever grateful for the Wilsons. #SuperWilsons4Life.