**I was going to post this yesterday afternoon, but our internet quit working. Thanks Charter. And then I went on a date with Dan. So, hopefully reading it today makes you want to go do something to improve your fitness on this cold, but sunny Saturday.**
Friday is here! You know what is a little hectic? Closing on a house. You know what is great though? Having a great realtor to help you when everything messes up the week you’re supposed to close on said house.

You know what else is great? Videos like this: Patti: A Journey Toward Wellness That will make your day. I’ve been fortunate to see examples just like Patti in my gym over the past couple of years.

Anyway, moving on to workouts! Wow. This week was crayyyy in the gym. We’re getting ready for the CrossFit Open! 3 Weeks away people. I should probably sign up soon, but I’ll probably just wait until the last minute like last year. More on that to come, but we started a new cycle this week to get ready for the Open. My coach also added a new “Wellness” track to our programing, in order to more easily transition people into class after Foundations. The workouts focus more on the basic movements of CrossFit, helping them to form a great foundation before they start picking up heavy bars and doing other complex movements. It’s pretty cool, and just another example of the fact that this is for everyone! 

You can access all of our workouts and scaled versions here. 

Here’s what I did!:

Saturday:I took advantage of the sun and got a little carried away (by accident) but it was a great day to be outside.

I ran from the Duck Pond (aka Cater’s Lake) to the Old McCants Football Field (approx. 5 miles both ways), where the Cav’s play. I did a little stadium workout:

4 Rounds

-Run 1 way, up and down stairs (maybe 4 separate flights of stairs – it’s not that big, don’t worry)

-20 toe taps on bleachers

-10 HSPU (piked off bleachers)

-20 sit up and reach (with legs propped up on bleachers)

-20 1 legged leg raise and crunch (10 on each side)

After that, I ran on the field because it was lined every 5 yards. I started on the goal line and sprinted 5 yards, jogged 5 yards back to the goal line, then did the same thing for 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, etc… all the way to 100 — sprinting (or trying to) and jogging back.

Here is a video I made of the workout right before I left. I’m such an amateur. But it gives you an idea.. and hopefully makes you want to exercise outside. SPRING is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



Sunday:I walked about 3 miles with my friend, Cindy.


5 RFT – 12 min cap
400m Run
15 OHS 95/65

I finished in 10:56.


3 min AMRAP
Muscle Ups
Rest 3 min
3 min AMRAP
Power Cleans 155/105
Rest 3 min
3 min AMRAP
Muscle ups

I got a total of 44 power cleans in the 1 round, and 16 Muscle Ups between the 2 rounds – Which I was actually happy with. They’re starting to get easier. They still look painful though, but I’ll get there. 

I also worked on strict pullups. I’ve been working on these weekly, and I’ve seen how it’s paid off in overall upper body strength. And I feel like a badass now that I can knock them out.

Tuesday:Here’s what’s great about Tuesday. You can always do more than you think you can. 

I didn’t feel great about push jerking 155 lbs. Usually I just split jerk that. I had never even tried to push jerk that. Well, since Nick is a good coach, he said I had to do push jerks, not split jerks. I started to take weight off the bar, and Colin told me that I needed to stick with the 155, and I did it, y’all! Colin and Nick – always helpin’ me out to do my best.

Athlete: Conditioning
7 min up Ladder

1-2-3-4-5…and so on
Push Jerk 225/155
Box Jumps x 3 @ 24/20
Rest 5 min

I got 62 reps. 

7 min up Ladder
2-4-6-8-10…and so on
Back Squat 225/155
HSPU x 2
Rest 5 min

I got 79 reps. 7 min up Ladder
3-6-9-12-15…and so on
KBS 70/53
Double Under x 2

I got 258 reps. 

I then came back in before KidFit, and did the Bonus Grunt work from Monday:

A: Grunt Work
3 Rounds
50 Calorie Assault Bike
10 Glute Ham Raises (I actually did 15 Reverse Hypers instead)


Athlete: Conditioning
For Time
30 Calorie Row


Athlete: Good Times
With a partner – each partner must be working at the same time
100 Bench Press – each partner chooses own weight, and reps may be partitioned as needed
ME MB GTS 100/80

None of the guys would be my partner, so I just did 10 rounds of 10 bench (115 lb)) + 8 GTS (80 lb) **Also, this was supposed to be split between you and your partner. Whoops. I also didn’t think I could do 115 lb for 100 reps, but good ole’ Colin once again reassured me that I could, and I did. I think it took me almost 30 minutes though. 

Here are my friends and I working out on Wednesday



Thursday: We did an old Open Workout from 2012. I absolutely hate snatching, but I need to work on them, so why not do as many reps as possible in 10 minutes?

Athlete: Conditioning
10 minute AMRAP
30 Snatches 75/45
30 Snatches 135/75
30 Snatches 165/100
ME Snatches 210/120

I got 90 reps with like 20 seconds left and didn’t have time to even try and attempt 120#


Athlete: Gymnastics/Strength
EMOM x 14 – 7 sets
Odd: 5 Bar Muscle ups
Even: 5 Deadlifts 315/205

Goal= go unbroken. I did. And then I got selfish and prideful later, and tried to do more bar muscle ups, and I tore my hand. That’s what I get.

Later on, I ran through the Unloaded workout (Bootcamp). If you want to try out CrossFit, but you’re intimidated by the heavy lifting, you should come try out our Unloaded Class on Monday or Thursday night. We do workouts like this:

8 Min AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible)

8 dumbbell bench press

12 slamballs

16 skaters

*rest 3 min


3 hoglines

6 box step overs with a sandbag

9 calories on assault bike

*rest 3 min

8 min AMRAP

8 plyo pushups

12 kettlebell sumo deadlift highpulls

Then: Some Core Work:

1 min pillar hold, straight into a tabata of sit up with a plate, plank reaches, and suitcases (in and out’s) off a bench, followed by another 1 min pillar hold.

Friday:I love these Triple Shots. But today, my head wasn’t in it. At all. I struggled. And I can’t walk on my hands. I wish I still had some of the videos on my phone of when I used to practice these in my house or on the beach. I had to quit practicing because I almost killed myself. Anyway.. one day!

Athlete: Triple Shot – shoulders for days0:00-10:00
8 min AMRAP
100 Wall Balls
50 TTB

I got 182 reps

7 minutes to find a 1RM Thruster

I got 150 lb.

100 yd Handstand Walk
50 Lateral Bench Hop Overs

Nope. But here is a video of my friends walking on their hands. I want to be like them. 

Some days just aren’t your day. And that’s ok. There’s always tomorrow. Ice cream always helps too.

I leave you with a pic of me pretending to coach my friend Niki on how to swing a 26 lb kettlebell. The irony in this is that Niki should probably coach me.