HEY!!! How’s your week going? Hopefully you’re kicking butt and taking names. And if you do CrossFit and got a little 19.1 action in over the weekend, hopefully you can walk.

Are you following the @makewodsgreatagain guy on Instagram? If you’re not, you should. He’s funny. And inappropriate. In the best kind of way. I don’t ever want to be on his bad sign. AKA JILLIAN MICHAELS. She got roasted. But he posted some really funny memes all weekend about wallballs and rowing. If he can take wallballs and rowing, and make that combo interesting, then more power to him. If you want to make your Open experience the best it can be, go follow him.

How did you like 19.1? If you’re tall-ish, you probably at least somewhat liked it. But that doesn’t mean that short – ish people couldn’t hang. And let’s be real… MOST CrossFit movements favor you people with shorter limbs anyway (not that I’m super tall or anything..but I am tallish.. do don’t hate me for saying that. There’s room for everyone to succeed at something 🙂 but I DO love wallballs. And I don’t mind rowing. Everyone early Friday was like, “dude this workout is going to be all about the wallballs.” They were wrong. It was all about being able to row 19 cals over and over and over again, and GETTING to do wallballs in your break.

First of all, I miss Dave. Do you miss Dave? Do you think he’ll come back at all for the Open? I also miss those Nicole Carroll (or however you spell her name) tips. The Open announcements used to be so much fun. We usually spent most of the time laughing and (innocently) making fun of Dave’s drama, or Nicole’s voice that always put us to sleep (I mean that as a compliment. She’s so cool). This year, the Leonard’s came over to our house last minute to watch the announcement. And all we got was Daniel reading it outloud from his phone. So DAN is the new DAVE. He’ll need to be more dramatic next time. He didn’t feel great last Thursday, so I’ll let it slide this time. We opted to watch Sam Briggs on the England livestream, mostly because we couldn’t understand the French or Brazil one.

Now, as a spectator, the workout in itself wasn’t the most fun to watch. As a judge, it was FREAKING AWESOME. See, I have a problem with focusing. I’m not going to use the ADD line, but I really do have to try realllly hard to focus in, and sometimes judging makes me nervous. It took me three years of CrossFit before I would even want to judge someone in the Open who was going Rx. Now, I just have to make myself focus, not get too excited, and everyone is good. I loved this one because I only had to really count wallballs, reset a rower every time, and I could actually get into the workout.

So, I’ll say it again, I loved 19.1. I was all about this, “I’m going to take it easy this year in the Open” approach, and I really still mean that. I don’t want it to get in the way of the more important things in my life BUT when I heard it was wallballs and rowing, I was like, “oh, ok so I can hang in these movements.. these movements are all about how much are you willing to push…” So, I immediately felt that pressure again.

So, with all of that ^^^ 19.1 hurt. I didn’t want to do it over again after Friday. However, I tied my friend, Colin, so we had to redo it Monday. I’m glad we did though, because we both did better. I was able to get 11 REPS better- which was HUGE. Transitions did help. We didn’t have it set up in the best way for that during FNL, but that’s ok 🙂 And as much as I did want him to win (he’s a good guy) I also didn’t want him to pass me. Does that make sense? No, of course it doesn’t. He’s a good rower, so this made me go extra HAM on the rower and row twice as hard as he did. He was over there nice and easy, with his damper on 4. LOL. I’m over here with my damper on 9. Ok, 9.5. Maybe that’s why my legs hurt so bad. But I knew what would work for me, and I had to commit. I think that helped me to do a little better too.

photo NOT during 19.1 – by BucketHead.Media

On Friday, there was a lot going on with our Friday Night Lights (which was awesome, BTW) and there really is no reason to video me working out anymore, so I didn’t have to have that awkward convo with someone and beg them to video me (diva) so I casually set my phone up next to my rower. You really couldn’t see anything. A couple of people messaged me over the weekend, and when I told them what I got, they were like, “you should definitely video that when you redo it, incase you have a top score.” I didn’t fully believe that I would, but these girls are smart and have been there, so I listened. I set up my phone, did an awkward intro, and took a totally amateur video. But I’m really glad I have that video because I am proud of my effort. I’ve never been that high on an official CrossFit leaderboard before. So, I’ll take it. Thank you, everyone for all the kind words! That means so much!

Ok, well in case you’re still reading, that’s enough about me. Back to you. How did it go for you? Are you glad it’s over with? Are you ready for some handstand pushups, or pullups, or a heavy barbell? Or some muscle ups? Bar or ring? No matter how you feel about 19.1, you should be PROUD of yourself for actually following through and doing it. If this isn’t your first open, you may feel like the hype just isn’t there (or wasn’t there leading up to the Open). You could have made the decision to peace out and not take part in the Open at all this year. And if you did that, remember, I’m not judging. You do you. BUT if you did go through with 15 minutes of wallballs and rowing, and give yourself over to CrossFit for the next five weeks, GOOD FOR YOU. I love stories, so if you learned something, overcame something, or if you were pushed outside of your comfort zone, I’d love to hear about it. No matter if you completed ONE round in 15 minutes, or you completed 11 rounds in 15 minutes, be proud of your effort and the fact that you pushed yourself, and had the opportunity to take part in a WORLDWIDE competition with people trying to improve their life – just like you are.

Here are a few examples from CFEC that I got to witness.

This is my friend, Lucas. Well, he is the one on the FAR RIGHT. I’ve talked about Lucas before on here. He’s been doing CrossFit for 9 months and has been a machine! Cant stop. Won’t stop. This was his very first Open workout. He did it at 6 am on Friday morning. BARF. But Lucas didn’t complain. Or whine. He did it with his friends, and he wasn’t scared to scale the weight of the wallball. His range of motion in his squat has improved so much and every single rep, Lucas worked to get his hips below his knees for a legit, unassisted, full squat.. and his ball hit the wall every single time that I saw. He’s only going to keep getting stronger from here! He looks like a totally different person than when he started CrossFit.

This is my friend, Grayson. I got to judge her soon after I did this workout. SO, like I said, I am thankful for the row portion of Grayson’s workout. During that time, I utilized being able to stretch and take some sips of my drink I made for myself. I also pushed Grayson more than she probably wanted to be pushed (BECAUSE I BELIEVED IN HER). She didn’t drop the wallball once. And her row pace stayed so consistent the entire time. I told her that if she got into her 7th round, I’d buy her some Brambleberry Jeni’s ice cream. Now I owe her.

My friend, Madeline doesn’t care too much for rowing. But she has pushed herself and come so far in the past year. She’s not scared to go ham for a workout, so she gets much respect from me. She’s a strong thang too, and she’s one of the most disciplined 21 YEAR OLDS I know when it comes to the gym. She pushes me a lot too.

My friend, Seth (the one on the right.. not the pretty one on the left) is fresh out of PA school. He’s “built for CrossFit.” He’s probably the size of Noah Olson.. just a little bit taller. You may remember him snatching some ridiculous amount of weight at THE Santa Series this past December. He’s all about trying to get better. He does love Chickfila though. And Smokin’ Pig. Anyway, he is getting that diet cleaned up and now that he’s done with school, he’s been able to spend more time in the gym. I got to judge him last night and he didn’t fall over in the middle of the workout. He didn’t give up on himself. I’m so proud of him.

My friend, Jackie. You’ve probably seen pics of her smiling during her workouts – even thrusters. Anyway, her post sums it up!

And, last, but not least, this is my friend, AP’s post.

I could keep going, but I’ll save more stories for later days! What is ONE highlight for you from 19.1?

**Cover photo by Josh Wilson Photography**