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Hey! I’m Alison. I love all things fitness, food, and fun. But most importantly, I love helping other people take steps to make their life better.

The gym is my vehicle for that!

I live alongside my husband, and better half, Daniel, in Anderson, SC. We have two crazy bulldogs, Charlie and Rocco. They make our little life complete.

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Personal Training

If you are seeking 1 ON 1 training in a CrossFit gym, this plan is for you. Programing is focused on your specific goals (example: does not have to include barbell training, can be sport focused, bootcamp style, etc).

At Home On Your Own

This is personalized fitness plan based on your specific goals, and the extent of workout equipment you currently have access to. Workouts can be done at home, or your gym of choice.

Nutrition Accountability

Nutrition Accountability looks different for everyone! There is no “one size fits all” diet or lifestyle plan, so this is focused on your goals, and can be as simple as introducing healthy habits overtime and focusing on quality of foods.

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Total Package

Starting at $130.00/month


A total health/lifestyle transformation from home, or at your gym of choice (on your own).


Includes everything listed in the “At Home/On Your Own Programming” section.


Includes everything listed in the “Nutrition Accountability” section.


Personalized plan, designed with your goals in mind.


Includes twice a week check in’s, and constant accountability, if needed.

Prices are subject to change.

What People Are Saying

Client Testimonials

"When I started coming to Alison, confidence was not in my vocabulary. I was 60 years old and never dreamed I could do the things I learned from her.  I was so impressed to being asked questions on my health before I started. Her caring, firm, positive motivation made a world of difference.  Learning how to do battle ropes, rowing, rings, lifts, kettlebells, weights, squats properly, and those tractor tires... Alison pushed firmly and gently to help me achieve physical goals I only dreamed of.  She was able to change and adapt if my knees could not cooperate.

Alison is an amazing, caring, positive, and very knowledgeable trainer. She takes her role seriously to help me and her other trainees.  Under her leadership my health improved tremendously... chlorestal   dropped, triglycerides dropped, weight dropped, toned up, and firmed up.  Yes, this old woman achieved so much with her guidance."
- Pam

For the past 2 years I have had the privilege to be a part of CrossFit Electric City. My journey started one cold February morning alongside my mom, three sisters and a couple friends as we embarked towards learning from the world’s greatest personal trainer, Alison Stall. Honestly, I never would have thought the day would come where I would do CrossFit, let alone enjoy it. Much to my surprise, it was such a joy to spend a few hours a week building a solid foundation from Alison. I was encouraged from day one to do my best and even if I fail to try and try again. Slowly, since that time I have seen my body change and become stronger than ever before. I have a long ways to go but I know that I'm on the path that will enable me to reach my goals.

My aim is to be the healthiest and strongest woman I can be and by the grace of God, CrossFit, and the encouragement of Alison Stall I know I will achieve it.

- Sarah

Before working with Alison I was floundering with committing to exercise post knee surgery.  I tried to go back to distance running and CrossFit off and on for several months, but could not maintain the motivation, and ultimately stopped trying altogether and did nothing for about a year.  At the end of that year I was miserable with myself on every level and decided to try to start back to CrossFit, but because I was so overweight and felt terrible about myself I lacked the confidence to attend regularly and complete even the scaled workouts. Working with Alison has given me back my confidence.

She seems to be completely in tune with my pacing, progressing workouts so seamlessly I am consistently surprised with how much my endurance and strength have improved on almost a weekly basis.  I could not be happier with my results so far, nor more committed to a healthier lifestyle with the help of Alison.

- Kisha

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Prices are subject to change.

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